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When you need an article writing service, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where to begin. In this ever-growing industry, the internet is full of websites claiming to have the best article writing service, and it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed!

In this article, we’re going to answer a few questions, including how to find the best article writing service, what some of the best article writing tools are, and why you should hire a professional article writer.

Why You Should Hire an Article Writing Service

Even if you’re just embarking on your Digital Marketing journey, you’ve more than likely heard the terms “SEO articles” “Article writing services” being used in passing.

Consistently adding quality content to your site is vital to any Digital Marketing Strategy. When you have great, fresh content on your website, it allows you to rank higher in the search engines for specific keywords, and can increase traffic to your site, which in turn increases your revenue.

When it comes to writing great articles, the kind that people want to read, it can be quite tedious and often time-consuming. Because of this, online marketers and business owners are turning to professional article writing services online for their unique content.

Hiring an article writing service allows you to get exactly the type of quality content you need with the press of a few buttons.

One more great thing about buying articles from a professional content creation service is that no one ever needs to know that you’ve outsourced the content unless you specifically tell them.

Professional article writing services create content that is 100% anonymous; content that you can put your name on and publish as your own.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Professional Writing Service

When you’re looking for a professional article writing service, you’ll want to find a service that feels like they are a part of your own team; someone whose voice is like your own. You want the blog posts that the writing services provide to feel like an extension of yourself, to maintain consistency.

A professional article writing service will stand behind every piece of work that they produce. They will try to exceed your expectations, starting with your very first project together.

Another thing to consider when hiring a professional article writing services is that sometimes they offer the content at an extremely low price because they are not experienced.

It’s important when buying content to remember cheaper isn’t always better, sometimes it’s just cheap. Consider this a red flag!

What is an SEO Article Writing Service and Do I Need it?

Everyone who has an online property should think of investing their time and money into procuring SEO articles! Search Engine Optimized (SEO) articles are a vital piece of any online marketing strategy.

SEO articles are written specifically to catch the attention of search engines, so you can rank for specific search terms. When your site is filled with content that is optimized for specific keywords that you’re trying to target, it will rank higher. This drives more traffic to your site, which leads to higher sales or conversions.

SEO article writing jobs have become more competitive, so it’s important to know exactly what kind of SEO content you’re in need of when searching for a professional content writing services.

With the best article writing services, you can order quality article that not only communicates your specific brand's message, but will also drive SEO results.

By hiring an SEO article writing service, you will also:

  • Boost your conversion rate
  • Naturally earn white-hat backlinks to your website
  • Gain exposure on social media, and other networking sites

Where to Find the Best SEO Article Writing Services

When it comes to hiring an article writing service, it’s important to find just the right one. This can prove challenging, however, with the astonishing amount of businesses claiming to have the best article writers.

Based on extensive research, we’ve listed five of the best SEO article writing services below:

Upwork- Hire Freelancers. Make Things Happen.

Upwork was founded in 2015, and has since then been making huge waves in this gig-based economy. Their vision is “To connect businesses with great talent to work without limits.” If you’re looking to hire a freelancer to provide SEO article writing, Upwork is the place to start.

After you’ve created a free account, you can find hundreds of freelancers who offer the SEO article writing services. With Upwork’s easy set-up, you can simply create a job and open it up for freelancers to apply.

After you have gotten responses to your job posting, you can sort through all the applicants to find the best article writers, and interview the top candidates through Upwork’s messaging platform.

When you’re looking for SEO article writing, Upwork makes the whole process easy- from finding the writers to create your SEO articles, and paying them when they’ve completed the assigned work.

iWriter- Content & Article Writing Service

iWriter’s website boasts of having produced an impressive amount of high quality, cheap articles for their clients- over 7 million articles to be exact!

This platform has a team of 1000+ writers, from around the globe, which gives you access to writers and editors from multiple areas of expertise. You can order articles and specify the requirements, and what you would like to pay. iWriter also offers a "review before you pay" method, which ensures that you are never required to pay for the job until it’s approved.

It’s cheap to get articles from iWriter’s freelancers. You can buy a post for as low as $1.50, and there are always writers available to start working on your articles. Because of this, your article can be ready in as little as a few hours.

If you are looking for a website that offers cheap article writing, iWriter’s services can provide exactly what you need.

Freelancer- Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online

Another fantastic option, when you’re looking for cheap article writing services, is Freelancer. Freelancer has been around since 2004, and claims to hold the title of “world’s largest outsourcing marketplace” with over 8 million active users.

After posting your job on Freelancer, you’ll start receiving bids. You can then review the applications to choose the best cheap article writers available.

Once you choose a freelancer to create your articles, they will begin the work and you can review it upon completion. It’s possible to buy a 1000-word article for under $10, and you can even purchase a cheap 300-word article for less than $1.50. You can’t find a better cheap article writing service than this.

WriterAccess- Freelance Writing | Hire Top Rated Writers‎

While entrusting your content to be created by a third party can be tricky, you can rest easy in the hands of WriterAccess.

Founder Byron White launched WriterAccess in 2010, and has served an impressive 16,000+ happy clients since then. This site is rapidly growing, giving clients access to their over 15,000 writers and professional content creators with glowing reviews online.

When you first sign up with WriterAccess, you have the option of either creating a free account, or applying a nominal amount of money to your account to start buying content right away.

Both options allow you to explore the site, and get used to how the platform works before fully committing.

In addition, WriterAccess also provides users with article writing tools and services that you don’t have to pay for. The more money you invest up front, the more freebies you’ll receive.

If you’re looking for cheap, quality content, you will certainly be very satisfied with all of the solutions WriterAccess provides.

Textbroker- Content and article writing services

Textbroker was founded in 2008, by an SEO expert realizing the necessity for cheap, quality content. With the ever-growing need for SEO article writing services, Textbroker is a great choice. Signing up for a Textbroker account is free, and you are free to quit your membership with them at any time.

You can fully control the quality of the articles that you receive, starting from cheap content creation to professional, high-quality SEO content. You can also choose to work directly with writers in your specific niche, which makes it easy to scale for larger projects.

It’s simple, speedy, and easy to navigate the website; Textbroker is a breeze to work with for professional content creation.


It’s important to remember that what you publish on your website can and will directly affect the success of your online property.

According to Neil Patel, a highly respected Digital Marketer in the SEO space, Content Marketing costs approximately 60% less than traditional marketing tactics, and has the potential to drive 3 times more traffic to your site.

Finding a quality content creation company can be quite tough, since the market is full of companies promising to deliver great results.

However, by simply sticking to the list of professional content creation services that we’ve listed above, you can navigate the world of content creation with ease.

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