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  • Select between 500-1,500-words and 1-3 backlinks for your articles

  • Use press release writing services to order a 100% custom-made post written and placed

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What is Adsy Press Release Service?

Adsy is a platform where every business owner can easily promote their sites through guest posts, press releases, sponsored content, and other popular marketing tools.

Using Adsy, you gain access to the inventory of publishers with sites of DA30+ from 58 niches. All of them are available for collaboration, so you only need to select the appropriate ones and send your requirements for the press release.

Choosing the relevant sites to post your press release articles on, you not only get authoritative backlinks, but traffic and brand awareness boost as well.

On top of that, Adsy makes sure you are protected as a customer and guarantees a refund if your order is not properly performed.

How Getting Press Release Links at Adsy Works

  • 1

    Join Adsy for free

  • 2

    Find a fitting platform

  • 3

    Describe your needs

  • 4

    Send the task to the site owner

  • 5

    Enjoy your press release links

Benefits of Using Press Release Service

  • Your Press Release Is Placed on Relevant Site

    And you don’t need to research them. Use preset filters (DA, Country, Language, Category, Price, etc.) to select the most relevant platforms. You can be sure the audience matches your niche and final goal.

  • Sending Press Release Takes Minutes

    After you select the appropriate platform it all boils down to providing your requirements. Forget about pitches and negotiations — the site owners are all set to work with and for you.

  • SEO Press Release Writing Service Does the Actual Writing for You

    You’re saving loads of your time ordering press releases to be written. Like, at Adsy, you can get them from publishers who’ll then place the posts; or, you can order content directly from Adsy copywriters.

  • Your Press Releases are 100% SEO Friendly

    With Google continually updating its policies, algorithms,and ranking factors, it’s good to stay on the safe side. Relevant links from press releases on authoritative resources help you create a natural backlink profile.

  • Press Release Links Advance Your Rankings

    Premium backlinks on DA30+ resources work wonders for your SEO and rankings. Surrounded by business-relevant content, they ensure constant traffic increase from search engines and from the sites they are placed on.

    Results You Can Achieve With SEO Press Release Service

    • 7 times boosted brand awareness

    • Up to 434% more indexed pages

    • 174% audience increase

    • Organic traffic growth by 10,500-22,500/mo

    • 10%-13% higher conversion rate

    We’ve Simplified Your Press Release Routine

    • By developing sophisticated filters to help you select publishers for press release submissions within minutes

    • Through handpicking and approving only high-grade publishers and platforms in various business niches

    • Having taken over the negotiations with site owners and making sure they provide you with the press release you need

    • By staying on your side if you happen to have any difficulties in getting press releases at Adsy

    • Through the all-round check of the press release and the backlinks in it after completion

    • With the varied service types allowing you to fulfill any content need within one single platform

    • Having ensured that each of your press releases delivers you 1-3 backlinks to your site

    • Secure

    • Satisfaction

    • Privacy

    How Much Does My Press Release Cost?

    The prices for press release articles at Adsy start as low as $14.29, so you can easily try them right away without huge investments.

    Adsy is against package offers, so we give you the freedom to order exactly what you need at any given moment. Moreover, you can always adjust the price you need to pay by setting the niche, site quality parameters, and service types.

    A bit more about service types:

    At Adsy, there are two main ones — Content Placement and Content Creation & Placement. The first works ideally for those who are looking for press release distribution services. As for the Content Creation & Placement, you can order it if your press release is just an idea at the moment — site owners will then create article of any length for you and post it on their sites.

    One last key aspect is that the price you see when placing the task is final, you won’t have to make any additional payments

    Website Owners and Marketers Are Using Adsy to:

    • Boost rankings by getting backlinks surrounded by totally relevant content

    • Increase their sites’ organic and referral traffic at the same time

    • Stay on a budget and save time by outsourcing press releases production and distribution

    • Raise brand awareness through press releases on appropriate sites

    • Get relevant and high-quality backlinks to their websites

    • Improve conversion rates and sales due to better rankings, quality traffic, and overall trust improvements

    • Attract active readers who like, share, and comment on the press releases about their businesses

    • Reach out to target audiences by getting posts on the most relevant websites

    • Find new target audience opportunities

    5x Higher Productivity & Performance

    • No more convincing site owners to work with you — they are already interested in providing press release services

    • No more creating pitches and follow-ups — available bloggers are ready to work on your press release

    • No need to write & place press release articles — publishers do that and reach their audience in the most relevant way

    • No shady packages at a fixed price — research bloggers to find the perfect value for your money

    • No more unfit content — press releases in sizes of mini-post, article, and long article meet any of your goals

    Reviews from Users Who Have Tried Adsy Press Release Service

    Carley Stewart

    When you need to get press releases about your business, and you can’t write it yourself, it’s tough. Basically, you have to search twice — first, to look for writers who know at least something about your niche, and then to find relevant sites where you could submit your press release. It’s good that Adsy found a way to do both.

    Carley Stewart, Photographer

    Miriam Walls

    I can’t even remember how I used to deal with press releases before Adsy. Getting 10-20-30 varied posts to assist in branding is no longer a problem. Their open offers allowed me to automate the press releases distribution, and to spend only a few hours a week on it instead of days as it was previously.

    Korban Whitney, Online store owner

    Ted Blackwood

    My favorite thing about Adsy is that I don’t need to take any extra steps — I see all the available publishers and the content they can write, and I see the price I have to pay. It’s all open and transparent, and I can do all by myself, even when I have to work on several projects at once.

    Simone Fellows, PR strategist

    10 Reasons to Join & Find Publishers Right Away

    • Real sites with real traffic ONLY

    • USA, CA, UK & EU based sites

    • DA40+ platforms in 58 niches

    • In-content backlinks

    • Up to 300-1000+ word posts

    • Up to 3 backlinks in a post

    • See before you order

    • Approve before you pay

    • Moneyback guarantee

    • Placement guarantee

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