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Need Help With...

  • Mapping out your 6-month content plan?

  • Creating & distributing unique and relevant content?

  • Auditing and measuring your content?

  • Strategic content planning and ideation?

  • Managing your insufficient resources?

How We Can Assist You

  • Сreate strategy for your content marketing

    You get a plan made exclusively for the objectives you’ve set for your company. We’ll provide you with a framework that considers all essential things — buyer persona, proper formats for the content and its distribution, effectiveness metrics, etc.

  • Work on writing and distributing content

    Experienced writers create, proofread, and place content on appropriate to your niche platforms. We’ll be following closely each step of this process. This way you can be certain that the content you receive meets all your requirements.

  • Carry out content marketing audit

    Find out your strengths and weaknesses. With our extensive analysis you’ll have a clear understanding of how to improve your position on the market. Moreover, we’ll provide you with step-by-step hands-on tips to make the journey easier for you.

  • Analyze your online competitors

    You’ll know for sure how your rivals are doing. We’ll teach you to use their mistakes and uncover the possibilities they missed. You’ll see the reasons of their high accomplishments and will be able to use them for your benefit.

  • Provide full circle of content services

    Forget about dealing with content struggles all by yourself. We’ll consider the goals you’ve determined for your business, and work on all things practical — data, research, analysis, implementation. The plan for your success is totally under control.

How We Do It

  • Analysis

  • Strategy

  • Realization

We only choose the methods that work. This is how you get fully customized content marketing plan that helps increase your return on investment. The steps we take:

  • Analyze the niche

    We’ll reveal the main trends and pick the right way to reach out to the audience

  • Analyze the audience

    We’ll find out your potential users’ interests to give them exactly what they want

  • Analyze the rivals

    We’ll hack the secrets of your competition and utilize them to help you prevail

  • Audit the content assets

    We’ll analyze the content you’re using to narrow down to the things that work

  • Devise the strategy

    We’ll deliver your ready-to-use guide containing all deadlines and content formats

Content Marketing Statistics

Success numbers reached by different companies

  • 574%

    higher audience reach

  • +434%

    indexed pages

  • +80%

    referral traffic

  • +97%

    indexed links

  • 7x

    wider brand awareness

  • +14%

    audience engagement

  • 62%

    cost savings vs. traditional marketing

  • 6x

    higher conversion

Now that you’ve finished reading all the good stuff…

I'm still not sure

  • 86% of successful B2B companies work on their content strategy

  • 72% of marketers find custom content more effective than ads in magazines

  • 78% of marketers consider branded content the future of marketing

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