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Earn More By Referring Your Friends to Adsy

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Your Affiliate Benefits with Adsy

  • Simple Terms

    Receive a 10% commission from every dollar your referrals spend to buy guest posts at Adsy

  • Passive Income

    Share the link on multiple channels to attract more referrals, and receive your commission for each one

  • Earnings Tracking

    Go to your “Earnings Summary” and see how many referrals you invited and how much money you made

  • Pre-set Creatives

    Use the ready-to-use creatives to share across the most efficient channels

Your Unique Link for Referring

Unique Referral Link

6 Simple Steps to Make $1000+/mo with Adsy Referral Program

  • 1

    Log In To Share the Referral Link

  • 2

    Have Your Referrals Sign Up for Adsy

  • 3

    Your Referrals Become Our Clients

  • 4

    You Receive Your Referrer Commision

  • 5

    Boost Your Earnings By Inviting More People

  • 6

    Track Your Profit in Your Account

Our Affiliates Say

Ted Blackwood

Ted Blackwood

The Referral Program is a nice way to get some extra cash, even though at first I joined Adsy to get blog posts from publishers. With the money I receive for inviting others I now pay for the posts I need, and even have some more to withdraw as passive income.

Miriam Walls

Miriam Walls

I joined Adsy as a publisher, and was really obsessed with getting more orders to support me, a freelance writer. But after the start of the Referral Program, making a living got much easier, as I have about $700 solely from the Program. This really helps when I don’t have time to take blog post writing orders.

Ted Blackwood

Rick Settler

$823! These are my earnings from the Referral Program for the past month. For me, the clarity of the process is vital. At Adsy, I don’t need to take any extra steps sharing the link and the messages have been thought through. At every moment I can check how much I have earned so far.

Miriam Walls

Eugene Paul

I started using the Program long before they moved it to GainRock. At that time I was getting twice as much money from the Program than from placing the blog posts. Now I promote all their partner programs as well, and receive around $1,100 passively each month.

Ted Blackwood

Lauren Backert

The first time my earning with the Program exceeded my expenses on the blog posts, I was stunned. I actually earned more than I spent, $650 vs. $470! That is something! I no longer worry about the money I invest in guest posting, as it all pays off with the Referral Program.

Miriam Walls

Dylan Tans

I’ve been using Adsy successfully for 13 months now, and have seen some positive results on my backlink profile. So telling other business owners about the platforms, its benefits, and the gains awaiting is pretty simple. The $700 I earn referring people to Adsy fully compensate my bills here.

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