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Who does not dream of being a blogger these days? Every day, we wake up, take our smartphones and dive in YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. It is the first thing we usually do in the morning; it turns up that we are addicted to social media. They have become an inevitable part of our lives. We cannot even remember how we could live without our favorite influencers who teach us, laugh with us, share their emotions and sell us their personal products. Who are these bloggers? Are they just children of rich parents or self-made youngsters who have managed to follow the trend and succeed? What does it involve making money as a blogger?

Many people see a lot of examples of successful Instagrammers and YouTubers who make money advertising and get paid to post links. Writing a blog is no longer just a hobby. It has grown into a real job, art, trade. No wonder that millions of the followers desperately want to repeat the success of their role-models and, finally, start a blog to make money as well.

If you feel that you are one of those guys who consider blog writing and wants to post ads and get paid, meet our tips for writing a blog.

The first one is to choose an appropriate platform. These days, you do not necessarily pay for the domain and hosting, you may simply create posts on Instagram or videos on YouTube. Your blog - your rules. If you would like to proceed with this option, be ready to follow all the Facebook’s (Facebook has bought Instagram, just in case) and YouTube’s guidelines and make sure to follow them, otherwise, there is a high risk to be banned.

The second step is to decide which topics you would like to cover in your blog. Think of any 2-3 topics you are expert in and have a great experience. We do not recommend blog writing without a definite subject because it will be very hard to promote your blog later on. Moreover, there are so many blogs already exist, people do not want to follow another Chiara Ferragni and waste their time. Think of the fields you are proficient in and be of benefit to your audience.

Tips for writing a blog

Tired of looking for successful blog tips? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to make money with a blog.

Once you choose the right platform and the topic, think of your position which can be tracked throughout your content. Blog writing is very popular nowadays and it is very important to think of the whole concept of your blog before determining how to monetize a blog. Your position helps with standing out and eventually monetizing your blog.

Another tip is learning your target audience. Without it, monetizing your blog may not be possible. You should know who your followers are, what they read, eat, afraid of, think of, where they go and what they like for presents. This helps to create powerful content and marketing strategies that allow you to make money with the blog after some time.

Not knowing the characteristic features of your audience is like shooting without targeting: possible, but useless.

The next point of successful blog tips is writing catchy headlines. You remember that nowadays writing a blog is a highly competitive activity and all the bloggers desperately struggle for the attention of every single follower. First, 3 seconds are the most important ones. You have only 3 seconds to excite the curiosity of your follower. That’s it. This is the cruel reality. That is why compelling headings must be in your blog.

While creating the post, keep it short and simple. Now, no one wants to spend their time on long streams of consciousness that are even not divided into paragraphs. Respect your readers, write the posts clearly, use emoji and bullet points. Emoji make your blog live because through the blog you communicate with a lot of people. For the reason that you have only a few seconds to intrigue your followers, bullet points are needed since they help our eyes to perceive the information faster and in a more structural way.

The next one is using subheadings in your posts. It will help your readers not to drown in tonnes of content and catch the most important ideas. Moreover, your readers will be grateful to you since you value their time.

How to create a successful blog

Everyone who wants to start a blog to make money should keep in mind that people love to receive anything for free. It does not matter what it is. Being attentive and caring for your readers is extremely essential. That is why if you would like to attract more followers and begin making money as a blogger, think of anything you could grant to new people so they become part of your audience. It can be anything, however, it should have value. For example, you can present checklists, consultations, analyzing their accounts, some not expensive products and so on, and so forth.

Create a content plan and plan your posts and you will forget about the problem of not knowing what to publish forever. You can search for the examples in Google, there is no one correct answer. Just create the one that is convenient for you and that’s it! This will be your next small step to success.

How to make money writing a blog

There are a lot of ways of monetizing your blog. The first one is to make money advertising. You will get paid to post links of different brands, you can advertise anything you would like to: from diapers to cars. Still, it would be better if you stick to the topic to your blog and will not get paid to share links of high heels if you write a sports blog. It will not look like your sincere recommendation and organic advertisement. Otherwise, your followers will feel that this is a paid advertisement and it may alienate their loyalty.

How to make money online 2019

In 2019, you can not only post ads and get paid in your blog. There are a lot of other opportunities. For example, if you are a lawyer or accountant, you can sell your services online. If you are an artist, you can advertise your own painting. If you have unique knowledge and experience (we all do, in fact) in a specific field, create a course and teach other people what you know online. You can design your products like clothes, shoes, accessories, bags - anything you want to.

How much do bloggers make

Nowadays, some fewer bloggers just get paid to share links of famous brands and that’s it. The most successful of them have gone far away. They design clothes, write books, create their course and design their own products: notebooks, checklists, T-shirts, bags - anything! Bloggers monthly earn from several thousands of dollars until several hundred or even more. For example, Net Worth of Chiara Ferragni is $11 Million.

How to monetize a blog

Wanna make money with a blog in 2019? No worries, feel free to consider the following options:

  • post ads and get paid;
  • create your own products;
  • build and advertise your personal brand;
  • sell your consultations and other services online;
  • create a sponsored content.

When you publish your posts and, especially, sponsored ads, do not forget to add a call-to-action. Feel free to ask your followers to leave a comment, share your blog post, follow you on social media, or buy your product. It will ensure that the audience makes a target action you would like them to make.

Feel free to subscribe for the most famous bloggers, read about topics they specialize in, and analyze the ways they make money from blogs.

How to make money posting ads online

First of all, you can certainly publish sponsored content on blog. However, do your best to make the advertisement natural, followers should not guess that this is a paid ad from the very first word.

Another option is consulting your followers and assisting them in creating marketing campaigns on social media, especially when you had those before.

The third variant is creation of own YouTube channel and make money from it as well. Your YouTube should have two requirements: at least 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months and have at least 1,000 subscribers. Once you have it, feel free to submit an application to monetize your site by displaying Google AdSense ads. Apart from that, insert affiliate links to recommend in your videos and, of course, post the sponsored content.

Do you use social media or you have a WordPress site to publish posts in your blogs? What do you think is the greatest profit of blogging? Do you think it is still possible to create a money-making blog nowadays? Let us know your ideas in the comments.

Darlene Florrie
Content Strategist, Сo-founder at Adsy
Passionate about all things content marketing and blogging. At Adsy she is known as a generator of new ideas and features for the platform, and has a lot to share on establishing brand voice and company culture, as well as shifting brand awareness.
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