What is a Good Blog Writing Service?

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The internet is a bit like an endless game of search roulette, and companies need to continue to produce content with targeted keywords to keep their site relevant and drive traffic. Blog posts are one part of a winning SEO strategy. It can be too difficult or too expensive for many websites or blogs to use an in-house team to deliver content, so they will contract a content blog writing service to deliver searchable, engaging content. A blog post writing service can help your growing website grab new readers and searchers while freeing you up to focus on other parts of the business.

Every blog writing service is different, but you should be looking for professional communication, great SEO practices, and a willingness to work with your business. A blog writing service will only free up time on your blog if you don’t have to spend hours explaining your tone, the next article, and editing the deliverables. It may take a few tries to get it right.

What is a Good Blog Writing Service

A good blog service will work with your company to move your website forward, be professional and responsive, and takes critique well. When you partner with a blog writing service you’re looking for a company that is willing to take the time to talk to you and understand your website, products, solutions, and clients. Without this basic understanding, the content will fall flat and not serve your goals. You also want a company that is professional and responsive, willing to take time for communication. Remember, blog writing services will generally attract writers who are similar in nature to the system that communicates with you. If the people that work with you aren’t professionals, it is unlikely that the writers will be either. Finally, you want a company that takes critique well. If the company isn’t willing to work with you to get the content right, then they aren’t worth the money that you are paying them. Many blog services will offer a certain number of revisions, but lets face it, they should work with you as long as it takes to get the content right. You should have a company that takes criticism and suggestions well, and is willing to change writers or parameters of the process at your request.

Finding the Right Partner

Some companies will allow you to communicate directly with the authors, and other companies will want you to work only with them and set you up with the authors. The best blog writing service is the one that fits your needs the best--do you need a high quality control over your content, or do you need to deliver high amounts of content? If you need a bunch of articles every week, then you may not need a high volume of communication with the authors. If you release one article a week, or need any amount of technical writing, you may want to be able to chat with the authors before and after receiving the deliverable.

Each blog content writing service will specialize in different things, and have different numbers and sets of authors. When in negotiations to get content writing services, make clear the tone and type of content you need and make sure that the business can deliver based on your parameters.

Best Blog Writing Service

A good blog service will deliver blogs that match your desired tone, with readable content, and accurate research. A custom writing service blog should read a lot like the content you’ve already got on your site. Matching the desired tone is essential, so that the content feels genuine and in-line with the vibe of your site. The content should also be readable, and flow well. Disjointed content written by washed-up freelancers racing against the word count will not ultimately help the goals of your site, and will hurt your SEO practices overall. Finally, you want accurate research. If you’re running a blog about dog walking or beauty products, you may not need tightly wound scientific articles, but you will need someone to step in and research excellent content that is explained in a readable fashion.

SEO Blog Writing Service

Any good blog article writing service will be able to deliver content that is optimized for search engines and ranking (SEO). SEO is a great buzzword around blog writing, because your company doesn’t want to post things that won’t get found and won’t get read, but there are a few things that you should know before seeing an seo blog writing service as the winning card in your deck.

SEO best practices can give you a boost, but they aren’t the fire for your rankings. In order to rank on Google, you’ll need bucketloads of great content, and time to gain authoritative backlinks that tell the crawlers and algorithms that you have content that is trusted. On the other side, it’s important that all of your content be SEO optimized. Without SEO optimization, your wonderful and pristine content may never be found, buried beneath pages of Google results of worse content with better SEO. Content and SEO practices should always work together to provide content with staying power, and the keyword savvy to get the content into people’s hands and drive good metrics that tell Google that your content is trusted.

When vetting a blog writing company for SEO practices, try to cut beyond keyword optimization and the buzzwords that they’ll want to throw at you. Ask about how the content is structured, with H-tags, and ask about how the content is written. Do the writers have a process? What is the quality control? Do editors go over the content to make sure that it reads well?

Promises That Can’t Be Kept

Some blog writing services will make absurd promises about traffic and SEO. Remember that building a client base and high volumes of traffic will take time, other than the unicorn websites that pop up every once in a while. Don’t look for promises about the traffic you’ll get, look for promises about the content. Driving viewers will ultimately be the result of a long process, of building trust with existing visitors and then gathering more through quality content. Because Google is constantly updating its algorithms to deliver higher quality content at the top of its search results, the “tips and tricks” to quick search engine rankings will be obsolete by the time you get around to them. Tips and tricks, and all the smoke and mirrors, are things that should be applied after you’ve got the great content to give you the boost that gives you over the edge. SEO tips and tricks are not the fuel that will put together a long lasting and well built site.

Professional B2C Blog Writing Service

B2C blogs are generally looking to convert consumers into customers, by crafting a blog post from the business which is directed at gaining customer attention and buy-in. A B2B blog writing service will deliver content tailored to other businesses and clients, while a B2C blog writing service will deliver content tailored to leads and potential customers.

A professional B2C blog writing service will pull together good writing, knowledge of your business, and SEO best practices in order to drive traffic and lower your bounce rate (the number of people who visit one page on your site and then leave). Ask the blog writing service about their process. A good blog writing service will have dedicated editors who read over the articles written by the freelancers and make the obvious corrections and help the piece pop that way you can save your time for other things.

A great B2C service understands your customers. They take the time to pay their freelancers to read your site that way the writers understand your tone. Remember, this isn’t necessarily on the writers. This is on the company to pay the writers to give them the time to do the work correctly.


The best blog post writing service will vary depending on how much control you need. If you’re just starting out, you may need to grab some high volumes of content before really buckling down and editing and optimizing for search engines. If you’ve been running a really technical blog and writing it yourself, you may need to free up some time to focus on other things in the business. But if your business is built around the premise of great, technical content, then you’ll need a great blog writing service that may cost more money. You need someone to understand what your site is and continue to deliver the type and tone of content that has gathered you the following.

Outsourcing content on a blog that is your baby can be scary, but it is so necessary to give you time to focus on other things in your business. Alternatively, it can be hard to pay an in-house team to keep up with demand, so outsourcing some of the articles can let you and your staff focus on the things that really matter. Let others develop the brunt of the content. In either case, a blog writing service can be a cheap way to deliver the content you need to galvanize your website and jump up the Google rankings.

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