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In the twentieth century, before the advent of e-commerce, people were specific to the stores they went into. Some stores were more popular than others, and it was evident in the fact that besides quality of the service, a huge sum of money was spent on advertisements to raise awareness for these stores. Fast forward till today, and it appears as if we can only get better. Today, companies set up websites to sell most of their products, and this has led to immense competition between them. Everybody wants to see their business site on Google's first page and would take extreme measures in achieving this. Interestingly, unlike in the past where the most valuable companies had upper hand in popularity, now ordinary people with a little budget can battle with the big companies for a spot in search engines.

Website Ranking

You may have needed swimsuits sometime ago. There's a high chance that you searched for a swimsuit on the Internet and hurriedly selected the first URL that appeared. It isn't surprising as most of us don’t have time to navigate all of the results we’ve got. We mostly assume that the first results will serve us best.

Website ranking is the place of any given website on a scale in relation to others. Google ranks websites based on a list of metrics, including keywords, traffic, and engagement. This is why if you perform website ranking checking for social networking websites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn will top the list of the SERP.

Website Search Engine Ranking

Many people mention so many unnecessary things while explaining to a novice what website search engine ranking is. To help you understand, type lemonade into the search bar of Google and then on Bing, and notice the first three results. Did you notice any difference in the outcome? Even if there is, you'd see that a certain website appeared on both search engines. Website search engine ranking represents the position of a website comparing to others.

Website Google Ranking

You might be wondering, ”Is it possible to create a social networking site that will compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter?” While many will be quick to discourage you on this goal, many sites have increased the traffic and ranking of their sites using the proper Search Engine Optimization.

Surprisingly, ranking well on Google used to be relatively easy in the last decade. However, the change in the Google ranking algorithm has puzzled many for years. Although many argue that the use of some tools isn't effective, only a few are aware of the actual methods used in the ranking process and it’s rather hard to make any definite statements about this algorithm behind a website seo ranking. The list of considerations mentioned in this guide is a goldmine only to those who are prepared to take immediate actions.


Every website is created with some specific goal in mind. Blogging and e-commerce are one of the most common goals for the creation of websites. All these sites belong to a particular niche such as fitness, travel, sports, and so on. Keywords are words or phrases which are unique to a specific niche. Imagine you're looking for an online store that sells home furnishing equipment, what comes to your mind before you start typing into Google search bar? Most likely, you’ll type “furnishing equipment”, “furniture” or “wood”. These are the keywords which are unique to the home furnishing niche.

Keywords are the essential criteria used in the google website ranking of sites; therefore, if you own an e-commerce site for home furnishing equipment, it will be wise to make use of keywords in the product descriptions. However, there are hundreds of keywords in a specific niche, and proper research must be done to know and use the right keywords.

Domain Name

A domain name is simply defined as the part of a network address that identifies it as a property of a specific domain. Surprisingly, the domain name is one of the few ranking considerations that many people ignore. However, Google considers the presence of a keyword in the domain name when assessing a website. An unwise decision for the domain name for a health and fitness blog would be "" A better alternative would be "” or “" You may ask yourself, "is it possible for these domain names to be available?” Frankly speaking, a domain name like would most likely be taken. Cheer up! It’s okay to have only one keyword in the domain name, so you could go with

How To Check Website Ranking

It’s a thing to set up a site, and it’s another to know the popularity of this site. Statistics prove that a whopping 40% of website owners give up on their sites when they notice little activity. This isn’t surprising as many people want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg without putting in enough effort. As long as you’re well informed and committed, website ranking can be one of the easiest and best processes in SEO. One method of website ranking check is by typing the keywords of your niche on Google and looking through all the pages to know the position of your site. Perhaps this process may take you days to complete if your website is new.

Check Website Ranking on Google

A faster method of checking website rank is through Google Search Console. Don’t be surprised if others call it Google Webmaster Tool, they all refer to the same thing. The tool is made by Google to show you how it sees your site, the issues with your traffic, and how you can improve your site as regards ranking. At the moment you can use this website ranking checker for free.

To get started, you'll have to sign up on the platform and input your site name. Next, you'll have to verify that you actually own the site as Google doesn't allow you to check your competitor's website. It's pretty much easy — you can connect to your Google Analytics to verify your account. After completing these steps, you'll notice a dashboard where you have an overview, performance, and URL inspection of the site. By selecting the performance section, you'll see the pages that rank on your site and for which keywords. Explore this option, and you'll be able to check website Google ranking.

Check Website Ranking Using Other Online Tools

Another website ranking tool is SEMrush. While this tool is excellent, nothing good comes cheap as it costs $99.95 per month. This tool might be expensive for many site owners, but the obvious benefit is that it allows you to check the sources of your competition’s traffic.

The processes involved in using SEMrush is somewhat similar to Google Search Console. However, there is a great distinction in the fact that SEMrush doesn't care about who owns the site. All you have to do is input the URL of the site you wish to analyze and explore the results.

Some of the advantages of this tool are

  1. Country Filter: If your target audience is in a specific country, SEMrush is a great tool to use as it has a filtering feature that restricts the SEO results. With International SEO, you can find the U.S based Bing ranking.
  2. Organic Traffic History: It is crucial to note that Google changes its ranking algorithm frequently, and as such, you must pay attention to the ranking trend. Drops or gains in rank would suggest the emphasis that a site puts on its SEO. SEMrush allows you to check a site's estimated organic traffic history. This is an excellent tool for newbies as the data obtained can be used to evaluate traffic trends.
  3. Backlink Analysis: Backlinks are essential in website ranking. It is the reason why people are involved in guest blogging as it helps to expose your website to a broader audience. With SEMrush, you can analyze the backlinks of different sites in your niche. Besides, there's an option that helps you see the IP addresses, a list of countries and the number of backlinks for a given site. From this, you can make a list of high priority websites that will be happy with a guest post.

You may have realized the significance of keywords and robust SEO analysis in website ranking. There is more to ranking than just website ranking check and usage of keywords in your web content. There are millions of websites for every niche and you'd have to do more than adding common keywords to rank high. Technical and off-page optimization are also important, and we’ll talk about them in our future posts. But if you’re just thinking of a business website, keywords are a good place to start your research and preparation.

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