Starting a Blog: The Easy Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to the ultimate, 1500-word beginners guide on how to start writing a blog.

If you like writing, sharing opinions, and connecting with people – starting a blog can be a breeze.

Blogging is fun, rewarding and tremendously hard. But it can work wonders to your carrier, prompt your success, and even lead to a solid income.

The hardest part is to start.

This guide here got you covered. It’s designed to walk you through all the do’s and don’ts in blogging. It will show you precisely how to get started writing a blog. You will also find tons of blog writing ideas inside.

Ready to start your journey from zero to million followers? Read on!

How to Start Writing a Blog in 2019

There’s enough space on the Internet for everyone. Thanks to the Internet, anyone can launch another Buzzfeed or become a new Ariana Huffington. The truth is – many famous people started out as bloggers. Blogging is a powerful way to become prominent and respected.

Of course, I don’t mean regular, simple blogs somewhere on the 10th page of Google, that nobody cares about. Your blog needs to be unique, fun, it should stand out. Just below we will share some advice on how to start a ‘top of the ladder’ blog that your visitors will love.

Effective Blog Writing 101

The Internet is brimming with brilliant blogs. There are websites on any topic, for any taste. The blogging arena is crowded, so starting your first website might be overwhelming. Words like ‘Domain’, ‘hosting’, ‘Wordpress’ can get anyone confused. But don’t get intimidated by all the competition – nowadays anyone can find his voice online. There are just a few techniques to help you start writing a blog effectively:

1. Be consistent.

People quit every day. They often expect immediate success, but it rarely works out. You probably won’t get fast results either. SEO is slow. It requires much effort and time. Google will not position your website in the top-3 form day one. So after you start a writing blog – make sure to update your blog systematically.

2. Know your audience.

Before you even start blogging – picture what your perfect reader looks like. Think about his or her affections, interests, ambitions and problems. How can you help to solve their issues? Writing a successful blog means you should be in touch with your audience 24/7. What’s more, that as a blogger you will definitely need a smart & compelling ‘about' info about yourself.

3. Be an expert.

Keep in mind – you need to post valuable, practical content. You should have above average proficiency in your niche. This is how you can build your authority. Even if you don’t have enough expertise yet – carefully research every topic before you start writing blog posts.

4. Focus on design

No, you don’t need to buy extravagant website templates. A lovely, easy-to-follow page layout will do. Just make sure your article is clear, inviting and has good images.

Writing a Successful Blog

Creating a beautifully-designed blog is just the start. You need to post amazing content and promote it.

First things first, pay attention to SEO. Before you even start blogging – it’s an excellent idea to prepare a keyword research. This is the perfect way to see what content people actually need (no, it’s not what you think they need). You can do keyword research using Google Keywords Planner or any other 3-rd party tool like Ahrefs or Semrush.

Once you know what content people enjoy – writing a good blog post is the breeze. But in any case, you should analyze what your competitors wrote on that very topic. Your task is to make your article a lot better then they did.

Writing amazing content is not enough. In the end of the day – you should always promote your blog post. Share it with your Facebook friends, reach out to influencers or run ads.

Simply put, you need to always grow your audience. To be honest, there are so many ways to make your blog shine. You can start an email newsletter. Create a fun Facebook & IG page. Collect chatbot followers. Organize monthly/weekly giveaways. Collaborate with influencers in your niche. The sky is the limit!

Blog Writing Ideas for Beginners

Where should you start your blogging career? That’s right! You need to come up with the idea first. The golden rule goes: always write about things you’re passionate about. Otherwise you might just get bored and quit.

Business Writing Blog

Business blogs are on fire. TechCrunch, Moz, Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog – just to give a few. The fact is – there are a lot of entrepreneurs, marketers, businessmen who churn out useful business advice for millions of people.

The competition is huge, but you can definitely find your voice. The key is sharing unique (often personal) and valuable experience. There are tons of people who are psyched about starting out in business. You can share your knowledge with them.

Bear in mind, if you start a business writing blog, you need to yield valued info to your audience. If you do – your readers will be coming back.

If you want to uphold your business – a prominent blog can push it into high gear. In fact, nowadays, a business blog is a must-have for any company, More people are making purchases online than ever. It’s your call to tell them why your product is the best.

If your business doesn’t use content marketing – you’re missing out. You’re probably thinking that your business is too niche. C’mon! This is the Internet we’re talking about. You can spot a blog on every tiny issue here. You can even find shoelace website online made exclusively for the shoelace geeks.

Writing a Personal Blog

In a few words, personal blog is an online chronicle in the world wide web. It’s your personal space where you can talk life, discuss urging matters, write about your hobbies & connect with the community.

You don’t have to be a Marketing pro to set up your own personal blog. The truth is – anyone, even amateurs can do it.

It’s your personal blog. Don’t take the ‘you’ out of it. Your site is supposed to be fun, personal and relatable. People like to read about someone they can identify with.

These are some thought-starters to consider before you start writing a personal blog:

  • Start an old-fashioned ‘diary’ to record paramount events in your life, ideas and thoughts. It’s exactly like your old daybook, the only difference – it’s live on the Internet. It’s a brilliant way to communicate your feelings & share your ideas with others.
  • Share views & beliefs. Everyone has his/her own political, economic, religious views. If you want to promote them to the Internet geeks – a dedicated personal blog is a good idea.
  • Highlight issues & problems. Say, you are a green activist trying to raise public awareness about Earth pollution. This matter is urgent and setting up your personal blog about this is great for your cause.
  • Elaborate on your interests. You should always write about things that excite you. Is it flowers? Bungee jumping? Make-up lifehacks? Great! Write about it!

Writing a Travel Blog

Funny travel adventures, cool trip reports, chilling ‘oh, no we are lost’ stories are fun to read.

Writing a travel blog is a challenge, but it’s a dream come true for thousands of adventure seekers. Basically, you’re getting paid for traveling. How great is this? Your wanderlust can bring your a good, steady income.

But don’t believe Instagram photos. In truth, blog post writing is much harder than it looks. Having a travel blog is HARD WORK. It’s not all sunsets and palm trees.

At first you might invest more than you get in return. The complete process takes much effort, patience, time. You need to formulate and think through every little detail. But in the end – it all worth it. That’s why starting a travel blog is a cool thing to do for every nomad and an adventure seeker.

For your encouragement, we compiled a bunch of the topics you can take account of:

  • backpacking & affordable trips
  • active sports trips (climbing, skiing, etc)
  • delicious food around the globe
  • night life in the world’s biggest cities
  • luxurious traveling with 5-star hotels
  • sailing on a yacht
  • exploring wildlife
  • magnificent world’s architecture
  • ancient ruins
  • shopping guides in the big cities


Anything is possible.

You can get your blog up to the Google’s Top 3, even grow your blog from zero to million followers.

Having a blog is a ton of work. It’s not just about creating interesting & captivating content, it’s also about creating the content people need.

Statistic says, people spend almost 7 hours a day on the Internet. Much of this time goes to reading blogs. Think of them as your future readers. Your job is to help them find a shortcut to your website.

Look, having a blog is crazy awesome. It’s crazy, because of how much work this requires, but it’s awesome in terms of how beneficial this can be.

Even if your blog doesn’t make a return, it can kick off your career. It’s an amazing way to upgrade your writing, enhance your communication skills, get out of your comfort zone.

So are you ready to start?

Darlene Florrie
Content Strategist, Сo-founder at Adsy
Passionate about all things content marketing and blogging. At Adsy she is known as a generator of new ideas and features for the platform, and has a lot to share on establishing brand voice and company culture, as well as shifting brand awareness.
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