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There is an image that nowadays everyone is aware of the online marketing, each means and explicitly catch how to do content marketing. However, do you comprehend the dissimilarity between copywriting and content marketing? Are you aware that a few sellers apply content marketing in their businesses? As reported by the Content Marketing Institute, their percentage is 89%. 37% from this 89 % have their marketing scheme and organize their posts while others just randomly design their posts which may not lead to the longing outcomes. If you would like to reach goals and make content marketing as sufficient as imaginable, do not forget to invent the content marketing scheme and examine the analytical data. It is the only way to realize whether this or that method is productive and what might be changed to achieve an even larger outcome.

Content marketing was presented for the first time back in 1895. In those days, John Deere introduced his magazine for the farmers that was called ‘The Furrow’. It was created to resolve farmers’ issues as well as stimulate implementation the latest farming machinery. The content of this magazine was very persuasive and powerful. At that time, the aim of the content marketing was the same as it is in the present days which is the design of the proper and tempting content to involve the readers to make the target move and build loyalty to brands.

Definition of content marketing

Content marketing is the efficient production and extending of the beneficial, appropriate and trustworthy content to fascinate the readers and enlarge it. These posts is free and you aim to modify the ordinary gathering into your clients and transform the last ones, in their turn, to the loyal clients who will return and re-purchase your goods These posts should be somehow relate to your goods or brand. It signifies that you teach other people to work with your goods and demonstrate them why it is necessary.

The posts you will issue can be diverse and it should be various. You can issue videos, host webinars, write texts, white papers, ebooks, podcasts and so on. The more varied your content is, the better for the readers to keep them engaged and also for your business to make the members of your community return and purchase. Such posts allow building your brand and specific company image as well as the loyalty to your brand constantly. This will result it the fact then when your readers should make the aim action and when you ask them about it, the most probably do it.

The power and significance of content marketing cannot be exaggerated.

How content marketing works

The best content marketing examples show us the use and significance of creative content marketing and web content marketing. With the right scheme, tactics, and tools, one can tell about your business on the Internet, especially for those who have never heard of it. In addition to it, it is a great chance to announce your company, values, philosophy and develop the brand advocates in the end.

Describe to your readers, what is your company about, what interests you and what makes your business unique and uncommon unlike the others. This will lead to finding out of the right people who share your principles and think the same way.

Apart from that, content marketing stimulates you to build account and loyalty to your company. With the relevant content, you form the image of the real professional who is a perfect expert in his particular field. This will make your readers and the customers-to-be believe that you and your product/service are the ones that can solve their issues. An appropriate content marketing scheme will build solid associations. For example, you are the owner of the dry-cleaner’s and you write a blog with useful tips of how one should care of his clothes. With the help of your posts, you should reach the goal that when you readers requireto dry-clean their apparel, they should think of you first of all.

Content marketing analytics

Content marketing best practices uncover that your content marketing scheme is the key to prosperous and efficient marketing. Take under advisement that the essential content marketing metrics depend on your aims in the most part.

According to Jay Baer, there are four categories of content marketing metrics:

  • Consumption metrics (Google Analytics, traffic, open rates).
  • Sharing metrics (retweets, likes, forwards).
  • Lead metrics (leads generated).
  • Sales metrics (deals, CRM).
  • Let’s dive into each of this type and describe them more exactly.

Consumption metrics helps to analyze whether your audience spends time reading or watching your content. It also allows knowing which platforms are the most popular among them and what actions your readers perform on your website as well as what content samples they select to consume.

Because of sharing metrics, we can single out the particular chunk of your content is being shared. Other information like who shares the content, how, where and how often are also with sharing metrics.

Lead metrics can show us the quantity of the lead generation by the exact portion of content. Apart from that. we may understand which elements helped to attract more leads and on the lower step of the funnel. Funnel is the complete way from the minute the customers-to-be learn about you or your goods till the moment the first purchase.

Sales metrics reveals the impact of the content on the profit and the clients’ actions on the last stages of the funnel.

How to do content marketing

In what way, one can use content marketing for small business? And how it can be applied if your company no longer young and tiny?

First of all, create a content marketing scheme and follow it. Define what kind of content you design, what for and what significance it brings to your readers. It will also help you to determine when your posts should be published. Design a content plan to keep your posts well-arranged and organized. You can use any application for it or just design one in Google Sheets.

After that, know who your readers are. Your posts will not result in the desired results if you do not know who your potential clients, what they care about, what they are afraid of and where they prefer to go shopping.

The next step is realizing the idea at what time and on which platform to post your content. As soon as you describe your target audience and their choice, you will realize the peculiarities of their lifestyle and can suggest which channel they use most often.

You certainly realize how content marketing and SEO are related to each other. You know that for SEO optimization, one should use the keywords and spread it in their content. However, attract the interests of your readers, not the search engines. Keywords should be applied properly and in consonance with the context.

Content marketing strategy checklist

The best content marketing strategy example shows us the significance and outcomes of content planning.

As mentioned above, the first two steps in the content marketing design are prepared your content beforehand and detecting your target audience.

The next move is to uncover your goals. They should be specific, measurable, relevant, achievable and timely. It means that the deadline should be set for each aim, and certain criteria should be created which help to define whether the purpose is achieved or not.

Analyze your previous posts to make sure that you do not publish the same articles over and over. Content-plan will also help you with it.

Based on the description of your readers and the clients-to-be, choose the appropriate platform and content schemes. Among platforms, you can choose any starting from the social media till email-marketing and guest blogging.

To analyze whether your content scheme is powerful, do not forget to record your posts. You can use special tools like Trello or ordinary notes like Evernote, Google Keep, Draw.io and so on.

Now you are ready to publish your post! Put on ice that your posts are not duplicated, it contains relevant keywords and well-developed for smartphones. By the way, the significance of the last has greatly increased for the last few years. For Google, for example, it is more important than the mobile interface is developed well and it is user-friendly rather than the web version of your site. Do not underestimate its influence.

Content marketing research

Content marketing research helps to perform real estate content marketing and cultivate a productive content marketing scheme that converts. Analyze the environment of your market: its current phase, new mechanics and capabilities.

Wanna have the best content marketing? Do not forget to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and apply their the most prosperous practices and develop your ones.

In this article, we have covered the significance of content marketing, the way it should be done and tracked. What benefits have you already gained and which of them are new for you? Write down in the comments. We are always glad to hear your opinion!

William Cart
SMM / Community Marketing Manager at Adsy
William’s primary mission is to form relationships with the target audience and followers and engage them in conversations. He works on maintaining higher interest to Adsy as a brand and builds loyal audience that will value the company’s expertise.
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